Over the weekend we saw some brand new leaks for what’s supposedly Android’s latest OS, Kit Kat, and it shows a more crisper, cleaner, two dimensional design that’s more in line with Google’s logo change. Of course these could be totally bogus so grab some salt!

The change is probably most obvious when we look at the image showing the Chrome, Music, Messenger, and Phone icons. They show a more flatter, cleaner theme that’s also represented in the new dialer app that’s also shown. The phone running the apparent 4.4 update looks to be a Nexus 4 so there’s no more news on the Nexus 5 front, but these new images, if they’re legitimate, show the direction Google will be going with their new OS – hopefully other apps follow suit.

Since the release Android Police have taken their name a bit too literally and have done some investigating and they have reason to believe that this leak isn’t genuine. If you want to read more on that, you can go here.

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