Rumours and leaks surrounding Googles next Nexus handset have been coming out thick and fast, first we had the FCC release images of the handset as well as Google themselves supposedly dropping the bomb. Now we’ve got pictures and even a video of Google’s Nexus 5 (as we’re calling it) in a bar.

The new images and video show the large 5-inch display, a larger camera with the horizontal Nexus logo on the back, and finally the KitKat start-up screen. According to 9to5 Google who originally spotted the leak “The device in the images was apparently left charging unsupervised by a Google employee at a bar (yeah, lol) where an employee of the bar was able to snap the photos and short videos…”

Finally Android Headlines has received benchmark information for the new Nexus 5 aka D820. It tells us that it’s home to a Snapdragon 800 with a minimum CPU speed of 300MHz and a maximum speed of 2265MHz. It also gives us the dimensions 1794 x 1080 which tells us it’s a HD screen, and the 1794 could be that number due to the on-screen buttons.


Currently the Nexus 4 has completely sold out in the US with the UK only having the 16GB model in stock. Google have said that they won’t be stocking anymore, this gives us a good hint that a new handset it on the way. All of this information is pointing ever closer to a release of the handset, or at least an announcement from Google themselves. So far we’ve heard nothing, but rumours point to an October announcement with a November release.

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