Social media has become one of the most cost effective methods of getting your brand out there, advertising a new product, or sharing news. For one it’s free, and if your campaign or social media post is retweeted or shared amongst the right people it’ll snowball into something big. The best type of social media marketing are the ones that use current events to demonstrate their product. Oreo did it when the 2013 Superbowl had a power cut and now Nokia have stepped up reacting to the release of the iPhone 5C.

Apple announced the iPhone 5C a few weeks ago at their Keynote which was held at the Apple Campus in California. The iPhone 5C is a new range of iPhones that are not only replacing the iPhone 5, but come in a range of bright and colourful models. It’s not much different from the iPhone 5, but the main focus was the colour, something which Nokia have actually been doing for a while now.

During Apple’s Keynote the team behind Nokia’s UK twitter account were thinking on their feet when they tweeted the following tweet:

This tweet has since been retweeted over 40,000 times and has now become the most retweeted brand focused tweet ever which has also been confirmed by a Twitter staffer. Whoever thought of that tweet definitely deserves a raise.

I’ve been reading many social media related books and articles, partially because I’m interested, partially because of n3rdabl3 and one thing I’ve read more than anything is that you’ve got to think on your feet and write about what’s relevant. If this isn’t a more fitting example, I don’t know what is!

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