Payday 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Payday: The Heist, a game which began as a download-only game for PC and PlayStation 3. Since the release of Payday 2, barely even a month ago the game has successfully reached almost 1.6 million sales with 80% of those sales were digital downloads.

According to a short press release from Starbreeze Studios, the sequel to PayDay: The Heist has done ridiculously well within the first month of being on sale. It’s reached a staggering 1.58 million sales and 80% of that number was down to digital downloads. The success of the game only shines through players wanting more.

Payday 2 is set to receive five DLC packs expected this year, some of which will be available for free along side some paid DLC, similar to what they did with the first game.

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