Payday 2 is a fun, tense and  unique experience, never have I played a game that revolves around heists. I have found that Payday 2 has done well with the mechanics and planning which you do before you execute the plan. The great aspect about this game is that you get punished for going in all guns blazing. The AI of the Police are deadly and they will catch you off guard when you are drilling the safe, you also get penalised if you kill civilians by deducting some money off of your payday. When you are caught in a robbery the Police will be immediately called and you’ll get a screen prompt in the right hand corner saying police assault in progress. They can come from anywhere such as the roof top via helicopter, back doors or even the ceiling.


You will start off small when you begin the game, you’ll have the bare bones when it comes down to your equipment and weapons. You’ll start off with a M4 assault rifle and a Glock 17 and let me tell you, they are not the best weapons, but this encourages you to upgrade or buy new weapons.

Missions are laid out in a system called “crime net” think of it as a social network for criminals. You’ll get some missions that spread across several days which generally start with a heist of drugs or money then you are chased by the police or FBI for several days, or you have to take out a Cartel organisation.

The jobs that will crop up the most are single day heist which range from bank robberies which get really tense or there is the four store heist where there are multiple shops that you can steal cash or jewellery from. After you finished each job you’ll get an overall take from the heist split between you and your associates and you will also gain experience. With your experience points you can open branches in different skills which are Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost and Technician.

Payday 2 safeThere is a new feature in the game called Safe house and it basically speaks for itself. This is your hub for when you are not on duty. It acts as a tutorial/training area to let you get use to the controls for picking up money and loot, and using explosives. Over time when you earn more money it will look better and better. You are given some cash to start you off and the voice over explains the premise of the game. You are shown the hidden hub of your operations such as CCTV and the laptop that you access crime net from. It really gives that authentic feel of you being a crook in the heist game because you are hiding out in this small little safe house that does seem to be liveable but that is what you want the people to think. Gives you that sense that you must stash the goods after a robbery.

Mastermind class is good with negotiation with speech skills such as making security guards or police officers to put their weapons down or make them fight with you, they are also good at keeping hostages calm. The Enforcer speaks by its name they are the back bone of the crew because they are ones responsible for keeping your ammo replenished and they take more hits in a standoff with SWAT teams. Ghost class is the master of stealth and subtlety. They can do a job without force or violence, for example, you can unlock a jamming device which will temporarily render all electronic devices such as cameras and key card locked rooms useless.  The Technician is the science side of heist and they have the ability to use C4 to get through doors and safes quicker but this approach is less subtle compared to the Ghost class.

payday2-6This game is a good buy and it is twice as fun with friends because it encourages communication with other players to coordinate with each other to keep an eye on the drills or you have a couple of people watching doors for police. This game is fantastic and fun game I haven’t played a game that was this tense for a while I would definitely recommend it.

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