DualShock 4

Shuhei Yoshida has taken to Twitter again and has revealed that the PlayStation 4 will only support four controllers which is a bit of a bummer compared to the Xbox One’s eight.

Over the past few days it’s come to light that the Xbox One has support for upto eight controllers at once. So with that news various gamers took to Twitter to ask SCE Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida whether the PlayStation 4 will do the same. Yoshida confirmed that Sony’s next gen console will only support four controllers which is down from the seven supported by PS3.

This does beg the question however; realistically will there ever be a game that supports eight controllers at once? There were very few games which took advantage of the PlayStation 3’s seven supported controllers, so what’s going to change in next gen? I think one thing – Indie games.

With games like Awesomenauts, DollarDash, NarcoTerror, and SuperCrateBox, there’s no need to split the screen into eight, you could actually have eight characters on the screen at once. Think of how fun a massive platform brawler would be if you could manage to find seven other people to play the game with you? Sure this limits the type of games you could have eight simultaneous players, but there’s more of a possibility now than ever.

We’ll have to see if any “party games” turn up during the next generation consoles lifespan making use of this support.

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