Respawn Entertainment sent out a tweet on Tuesday making fans of the epic scale first person shooter for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC aware that any website offering Beta access to Titanfall is “100% a scam”.

Built up of various ex Infinity Ward staff, Respawn Entertainment showed off their new game Titanfall at E3 this year and oh boy did it look fantastic! In this Online-only first person shooter players play as either free-running pilots or massive agile mech-style “Titans” in order to complete team based objectives.

The game is primarily multiplayer only but adds essences of single-player in the gameplay such as a plot, various radio chatter, and NPC’s into matches.

Earlier this week EA and Titanfall developers made us aware of various “Beta Scams” which have been confirmed as 100% fake.

If it’s too good to be true and requires you to enter your credit card details, it’s probably not true – in fact, it isn’t true – clearly.

Finally the Titanfall twitter has been bombarded with fans asking whether any local split-screen will be available in the game, presumably you’d think not, but a reply to one user read: “We have not revealed those details at this time.” meaning that there could be a possibility – interesting.

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