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A theme that Rockstar have always pushed for with their Grand Theft Auto series is a sense of a complete universe, one that is as expansive as it is inclusive, and GTA V takes this to whole new level, as it has been revealed that many brands in GTA V with have a real-world web presence.

A fine example of this has gone live. Life Invader is a mock social media network that parodies our use of social media excellently. Clicking on the webpage at the moment will send you to a random profile, and you can jump around the site by removing the extension and reloading

On the site there are stills and images from the game and there is some insight into some of the corporations and characters that will populate Los Santos come Tuesday.

Populating the web with in game aspects of GTA V is not only a brilliant marketing ploy by Rockstar it also adds an interesting angle for gamers. Certainly when I game there’s some form of device connected to the web nearby and I’m probably one of those gamers that will follow site links in the game to see what real life presence that aspect of the game has.

Once again it is a hint that Rockstar have not lost any of their humour in the five years since their last major release, as we have covered before the famous comedic parodies will be present in the latest title, which is due for release this coming Tuesday, September 17th.

Thankfully there does not seem to be any sort of spoilers floating around GTA’s answer to Facebook, only good humour and some characters that will appear in the game, don’t worry about learning too much about main characters however, Life Invader is populated by the likes of radio DJs and the such.

If you really can not wait until Tuesday and want to get a bit more of a GTA fix then it is worth heading over to Life Saver just to take a little look around at screenshots from the game (the image used in this article was pulled from the site) and to learn more about what will populate the massive Los Santos area.

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