GTA V Waiting

So some of you are probably way into a 10 hour session on Grand Theft Auto V after picking it up at the midnight launch last night and even though you may be high on caffeine, pay attention. This also applies to those of you eagerly waiting for the post to arrive this morning. Last night Rockstar sent out a warning that if you install the “play disc” onto your Xbox 360 console the game won’t work.

If you’ve received your Xbox 360 copy of Grand Theft Auto V you’ll have probably noticed that it comes with two discs, one disc is specifically for a one-time 8GB installation, and the second ‘play’ disc. Rockstar sent out a tweet last night which read “For optimal performance, we recommend not installing the play disc,”. No reason was given, but we can only assume that it affects the way the game runs and causes enough problems for Rockstar to issue a warning.

Due to having a blu-ray drive the PS3 version will also require an 8GB installation but will come on a single disc. No installation worries there.

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