Right now I’m sure 80% of gamers are probably playing one particular game which may or may not be the direct competitor to Saints Row and probably won’t pay attention to another game for a long time. But just in case Saints Row is more your thing, listen up! Today Deep Silver has announced that two new lots of DLC are available to download right now.

The first DLC pack  is something gamers have waited for years to experience; GAT V – and it’s finally available! To celebrate the release of the GAT V Pack on PC, Volition, the developer of Saints Row IV, and Deep Silver are giving it away for free for 24h on Steam!

Be recognised everywhere when you dress up in typical Johnny Gat fashion or in the official Aisha costume, only available here. Also the pack contains the Reynolds .50 Heavy Machine Gun and a Knifethrower (no kidding) for the ultimate Saints Row #GATV experience.

Next up is the Wild West Pack and since we all know that real Presidents secretly aspire to be cowboys, you will be able to outfit your CIC in real western style with the Wild West Pack for Saints Row IV! The Wild West Pack includes a fitting cowboy outfit, a wild west dress and a Western themed shotgun and revolver. Yee Haw!

Both the GAT V and the Wild West Pack will be out today in the US on consoles and worldwide on Steam and from Wednesday on console in the rest of the world at a price of $2.99 each and £2.39  Sony / £1.99 Microsoft.

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