Samsung Galaxy Note 3 1

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 1At Samsung’s Unpacked Episode 2 event this evening, Samsung officially unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 complete with leather look textured back, slimmer form factor, and lighter feel.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is home to a 5.7inch Full HD Super AMOLED display with a 1920 x 1080 revolution. It comes with either a 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor (LTE version) or a 1.9 GHz Octa Core Processor (3G version) together with 3GB RAM making the Galaxy Note 3 a pretty powerful device. It will also come with Android Jelly Bean (4.3), a 13 Mega-pixel snapper in the rear, and a 2 Mega-pixel snapper on the front, it’ll also include the dual camera function we were introduced to in the Galaxy S 4. It’ll also come with either 16GB or 32GB memory options.

Galaxy Note3 FlipCover_005_Front setSamsung has also added a soft and textured-touch back cover and delicate stitching to the Note 3. It also features a serration pattern on the side of the device that resembles classic notebooks and planners. The Galaxy Note 3 is set to come in a variety of colours in both the device itself, and the flip covers for the device and is set to launch on September 25th in 120 countries.

Along with an impressive array of specs, the Note 3 comes with a handful of brand new features exclusive to the Note. There’s a whole host of improvements to the S-Pen allowing you to do more with a single click, more specifically the Air Command which includes five features that make tasks easier and faster.

  •  Action Memo. This feature allows users to handwrite a note, and automatically execute a function or convert that handwritten information into formatted content. Action Memo can instantly initiate a call, add to contacts, look up an address on a map, search the web, save a task to a to-do list, and more.
  • Scrapbook. This feature enables users to organize or track down content and information from various sources including the web, YouTube and Gallery in one place so that users can easily look back at collected content all at once. When consumers save content for future use, Scrapbook also collects source material or URLs allowing them to easily refer back to the original source.
  • Screen Write. The Screen Write feature captures the full screen image of the current page on the device and allows users to write comments or additional information onto the captured image.
  • S Finder. This feature allows users to expansively search for content on their device regardless of the type. By putting in keywords or filters such as date, location, and content type, users can search related documents, events, communication threads, and even the Help page – all in one place. In addition, users can also search for hand-written content in their Notes and memo applications, as well as symbols and formulas.
  • Pen Window allows users to use the S Pen not only for drawing sketches or writing notes, but now also for opening a small application window for a true multitasking experience. Simply by drawing a window of any size, anywhere on the screen, users can easily and quickly open another application window such as YouTube, calculator or Browser without pausing current activity on the screen.

Galxy Note3_031_set2The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 contains the new S Note for more advanced note-taking. The new S Note gives users a more comprehensive solution that enables them to easily write, organize, edit and browse notes with a user-friendly interface and the Easy Chart feature. Samsung have also announced that the new S Note can also be synced with Evernote or a Samsung account and has the option to enable access and viewing from different devices. There’s also a brand new Easy Clip feature which allows users to select only a certain part of an image to be taken from the web or Note 3 content, this advanced feature allows them to roughly draw around the desired image and then it converts that content into a more precisely cropped image.

Taking a leaf out of HTC’s book the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 contains a BlinkFeed type feature which they’ve named My Magazine. My Magazine provides a personalized news, social media, entertainment and in-the-moment content ‘experience’. All of this is done through a partnership with Flipboard and it offers an integrated content consuming experience in a modern and dynamic magazine-style layout. Whether or not this will be as prominent as HTC’s BlinkFeed remains to be seen.

Finally the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 enables enhanced multitasking capabilities, this is something Samsung really focused on in tonight’s Unpacked event. With the new Multi Window feature users can toggle seamlessly between applications without closing the window or opening a new page. This allows for enhanced productivity and collaboration across programs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 consumers can also run one application in two windows at the same time such as two browser windows, or two ChatOn chat boxes simultaneously. In addition to this using ‘Drag and Drop’ mode within the new Multi Window, users can easily drag and drop content such as a text or image from one window to the other in  an instant.

Also, going back to the Pen Window feature found in the Air Command palette, this further enhances multitasking experience by allowing consumers to draw a window on the screen and launching popular applications while continuing current tasks on the Galaxy Note 3.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be available in 120 countries on September 25th. Details on pricing will come soon, keep an eye on this post for an update.

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