I know this collection came out a good two months ago but I feel that this game hasn’t got the appreciation that it deserves. Serious Sam is one of my favourite first person shooters because it’s similar to the old school games from the nineties and the levels are huge. There are so many enemies on screen and you get thrown in uncomfortable situations where you have to find weapons, all by yourself. And finally the one big winner for me is that there is no regenerating health you have to search the level’s nook and crannies to find it, otherwise you die.

So what do you get in this collection? Let me say that you get your money’s worth. You get four games on disc and if that isn’t a bargain then I don’t what is. You get Serious Sam the First Encounter HD, Serious Sam the Second Encounter HD, Serious Sam 3 BFE (Before First Encounter), Jewel of the Nile DLC, and Double D XXL which is the weaker game out of the collection.

The gameplay is very simplistic in Serious Sam 3this collection, it has the motto of “if it moves shoot it” and that’s what I like about these games, they feel really old school. For example each level is a massive area that you will have to explore to find more health, armour and weapons. I am so glad that there is no regenerating health in this game because shooters with regenerating health are not challenging in anyway at all, having a health system makes you carefully approach each situation and all of which are unpleasant – in a good way.

There are plethora of weapons and guess what, you can carry them all in one go so you can cause complete destruction upon the alien nasty’s. When I say destruction I mean it, this game is extremely gory with blood flying everywhere especially in Serious Sam 3 you make enemies explode with the power of your sledgehammer.

I think first person shooters really need to stop doing the whole military setting and yeah it can be good, but I think (in my opinion) that it’s getting a bit stale and tedious. We need to have more games with outrageous enemies like the screaming guys with bombs for hands; it makes no sense because they have no heads. The only problem I have with this collection is the fourth game Double D XXL, I don’t think that this series really suits a side scrolling action game. This collection shows that there is still hope for the FPS genre. Looking at some shooters that are coming out or have come out are old series resurfacing like Shadow Warrior and Wolfenstein.

Overall this collection is not one to pass up and I don’t why it has received little attention because the Serious Sam series is a classic. You can pick this game up for a £20-£30 and you get a lot for your money. These games still show that there is a glimmer of hope for the first person shooter genre.

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