‘Good things come to those who wait’, as the saying goes. But what if said waiting begins to drag hopelessly on until folks begin to lose interest? Strangely, that possibility is quite unlikely despite the circumstances.

With accompanying projects, Puppeteer and Knack, having taken priority over Team ICO‘s PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last Guardian despite mention upon mention of the game being in development since 2007, it’s unsurprising that expectant gamers are growing a little tired of the ‘we’d like to, but…’ responses being dished out by one team member or another.

It would appear that this cycle of painfully-tedious excitement is set to go on despite the occasional speculative comment. During the Tokyo Game Show, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida responded to a probable bombardment of queries on the game’s drawn-out development by mentioning that the team “are still waiting for the right time to reintroduce it”.

Alright, so that’s a collective sigh on ‘three’. One, two…

Presumably by “reintroduce”, Yoshida could easily be nodding towards a ‘re-announcement’ of sorts given that the title has been up in the air for years now. Provided fans and journalists remain tenacious then maybe – just maybe – we’ll see more news on The Last Guardian appearing sooner rather than later. The game could easily be remodelled for the PlayStation 4 as its release rocks up in the coming months.

Don’t go too nuts over another speculation-driven article, though; whilst there is still definite hope on the horizon for the boy and his feathered friend, this could have been four long years of developmental head-scratching. More positively it could have been four long years of knowing precisely which metaphorical route the game should travel. Either way the aforementioned patience-praising phrase remains for the time being.

At least this isn’t the disappointing news of the game being flat-out cancelled. We’ll get there eventually

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