silent hunter online2

silent hunter online2

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have officially announced that Silent Hunter Online, a free to player browser based strategy game centered around submarine warfare, has entered open beta.

The game gives players the ability to command their own wolf pack of submarines as they fight for dominance in the Atlantic ocean. The game emphasises the use of strategy and cunning as a means of becoming victorious. Players must outfit their crews and ships in a way that best suits their play style, whether they prefer to be silent and deadly (like the title states) or loud and destructive (not recommended). The game also includes an advancement system, meaning that as you increase in rank, the more benefits you’ll receive. These can vary from new pieces of equipment to adding a whole new ship to your arsenal.

The game has some more impressive features. In Silent Hunter Online you’ll see a day/night cycle and a weather system, all of which can either save or doom you. Battles will very rarely seem the same, as the conditions will always be different, most likely meaning that you’ll have to adjust the way you fight. Most surprisingly, the game allows you to make notes on the game map using a rule, compass and protractor, just like a real submariner.

For more information on Silent Hunter Online, you can visit the official website and view the announcement trailer above!


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