Electronic Arts and 10 National Red Cross Societies, including the British Red Cross, today announced the first collaboration which allows SimCity players to help people in real life the same way they’d help their Sims in a disaster. In this new DLC players will be able to purchase Red Cross branded content and 80% of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross.

The Red Cross branded downloadable content includes a Red Cross Relief Centre and two vehicles that will travel around a player’s city in response to natural disasters. When a meteor strikes, an earthquake occurs or a tornado touches down, Red Cross tents will appear in various locations throughout a player’s city.

“This creative partnership with SimCity will help us reach a new audience and raise awareness of the work of the Red Cross during real world disasters,  said Mark Astarita, Director of Fundraising at the British Red Cross “This will bring the Red Cross to life for gamers in an exciting and interactive way while raising vital funds to support our work helping people in crisis in the UK and overseas.”

Sims that would have been critically injured are instead cared for at the Red Cross tents. As the city recovers from the natural disaster, the tents will disappear. Each disappearing tent will then release 10 healthy Sims back into a city. Ambulances, fire trucks and police cars will protect a player’s city in addition to Red Cross services. This downloadable content will be available for £7.99 and remember a minimum of 80% goes to the Red Cross.

Not only do you get some cool content you’ll also be helping out real life people! Doesn’t that make you feel good?

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