The launch of Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PlayStation 3 didn’t exactly go as smoothly as smooth peanut butter. The launch was plagued with unstable servers leaving a rather unwanted crunch in some PlayStation 3 users mouths.

Sony have announced that they’ll be issuing refunds to everyone who purchased Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on the PlayStation Network from August 27-28 so if you did purchase the game during that time you will find a full refund, as well as the the game reappearing in the PSN download list.

Director Naoki Yoshida made an appearance on developer Square Enix’s forums and explained the reason why things didn’t go to plan.

“Considering the outcome of our first launch, our sales estimates were decidedly conservative, as we believed that there would be a more gradual rise in users over the opening weeks and months.

“Instead, to our pleasant surprise, we experienced tremendous support from a great number of players who were eager to get into the game from day one.”

Yoshida explained that the problems may iron out themselves as players progress in their individual games but they have a team working to fix the problem.

Sony has also announced that players will get an extra week of free play time to make up for the server problems. This is available to any player who has registered Final Fantasy XIV or does so before September 9. These players will have an extra week of free game time added to their account, in addition to the free month that comes with the game.

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