Namco Bandai‘s Project Soul faction appear to be growing ever-familiar with the practice of petitioning. So much so, in fact, that GamesRadar figures out-right pestering of the devs could eventually see the desires of some fans come to pass.

SoulCalibur II is next in line for re-release onto the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in an Online HD state, but many are hoping to relive the GameCube experience through Nintendo‘s Wii U by kindly asking the team’s higher-ups via Twitter, with some even calling for a Vita release. Whoa there, kiddies – these guys have other things to do as well as redevelop games of old, surely? Given that SoulCalibur V was such a half-arsed disappointment coupled with the feeling that series seems to be failing all but the hardcores, probably not.

So pester away for now. Give them something to do while they rack their brains in a vain attempt to come up with something fresh.

Truth be told a release on all consoles bar the Wii U would feel as measurably lazy as the series’ story progression over the latest couple of games. Let’s face it; SoulCalibur II without Link? It’s like Pokémon Yellow without Pikachu. Recalling the amount of DLC Project Soul seem to enjoy releasing for their more recent titles, too, is somewhat worrying. It’s not that Namco Bandai won’t listen – far from it – but the move could be deemed by some as a nostalgic glory-kick to keep a struggling series alive. Returning to ye olde SoulCalibur storylines and gameplay could rekindle a flame for those who have lost faith in the franchise.

A no-go for a Wii U port will see the game losing the Hylian Link as a playable character although Namco Bandai are certainly giving the possibility some thought, with @hoshino_calibur as the go-to guy for anyone wishing to air concerns or looking to casually drop hints with bucketfuls of glitter-laced ‘pleases’ and ‘thank-yous’ at the ready. Cake might work as well if you’re feeling generous.

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