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State of Decay Zombie Smash

Heading straight out of PAX last weekend Undead Labs announced that the popular zombie survival game State of Decay will be heading to Steam’s Early Access in a “couple of weeks or so”.

State of Decay became an instant hit when it launched on Xbox Live in June this year and had sold one million copies within two weeks. A month after release Undead Labs revealed that they will be bringing the game to PC via Early Access and it now seems that we’re a little closer to the launch.

When the game launches on Steam’s Early Access it’ll come as a controller-only version, followed with a Sandbox Mode, then finally the full mouse and keyboard PC version on Steam. There was no word on a release date exactly and the post also states they “can’t control the exact date, and I don’t have one to give you”.

Finally the Facebook post mentioned that at PAX they demonstrated State of Decay on a PC which they described as a “normal machine with two year old components, running the game on the medium settings.” Obviously that doesn’t reveal a lot, but it’s something!

[Source: Facebook]

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