Surgeon Simulator developers Bossa Studios released two new space themed surgeries last week before they packed up their scrubs and surgery instruments into their ambulance and made their way to the Eurogamer Expo. Little did they know whilst they showed off Surgeon Simulator 2013 at the Expo a handful of gamers sussed out a secret code which revealed a brand new Alien Surgery.

The new free DLC includes a Brain Surgery and Kidney Surgery in zero gravity and is available to those who own Surgeon Simulator 2013 as well as those who purchase the game for £6.99. The two surgeries seem great, but not everything is what it seems. These two new surgeries include a secret Alternate Reality Game which allows you to perform surgery on an Alien!

At the expo we spoke with Bossa Studios who revealed that the code had in fact been cracked but not fully. It all started with someone finding out the middle two numbers in the six digit secret code and showing the Steam Community page which subsequently blew up with others finding little Easter eggs which hinted at other parts of the code.

Eventually the code was brute forced and even now only four of the six numbers have been genuinely worked out. Whilst speaking with Bossa Studios at the Expo I asked whether they felt like their hard work had gone to waste with the community cracking the code the way they did.

“We found it really exciting” they said in agreement “We kept refreshing the page and seeing that someone else had found another part of the puzzle and working together to figure out what it means. And even though the code has been revealed there are still people trying to figure it out genuinely, and that’s what it’s all about”

The secret Alien Surgery wasn’t supposed to be shown at the Expo but since it had been revealed online they demonstrated it on certain systems. The new surgery, once the code has been entered into the keypad, will unlock the ARG where you’re required to do various surgeries including a gobbleshaft transplant on a spooky looking Alien character.

Want to find out more? Check out the video above!

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