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Stéphane Roy, producer of Thief from Eidos Montreal, has revealed details surrounding the possibility to take the game’s immersive atmosphere even further with next-gen PlayStation hardware, and how these new lengths can dramatically impact the game’s functionality along with exciting new AI elements; interested in what he has to say? So are we.

With the PlayStation 4, Thief will make use of the brand new DualShock 4 technology including the touch pad, share button, familiar – yet greatly improved – motion control, and Sony’s daring wild card, the light bar.

Stéphane has announced that the touch pad can be used to make the cumbersome trials of menu navigation a thing of the past with swifter, more accurate manipulation, making map reading simple and selective, along with an improved weapon browsing mechanic to make Garrett’s ventures that little bit less time consuming.

It’s also now confirmed that the light bar feature will co-operate with the light gem in the user interface, indicating whether or not Garrett is hidden in the stretching shadows; making the user’s light bar brighten or dim throughout the course of the game.

Surprisingly, one of the more fascinating details doesn’t surround the additional technology, but the previously infamous motion control as seen on the PlayStation 3, which has been greatly redesigned to allow more comfortable, precise aiming and control over items such as Garrett’s bow.

Additionally, Stéphane also touched upon the concepts around the share button, giving players the option to capture highlights and even create walkthroughs of individual experiences, contributing even more to the growing community.

Putting new tech aside, Stéphane decided to ‘shed some light’ on the new gameplay elements we can expect from 4th instalment. Of course, we can expect the fabled light and shadow to return, though motion, position and distance enter the race to make those much-needed getaways and sneak attacks all the more complicated.

We also model the sensors of the AI as realistically as possible. We distinguish between central vision and peripheral vision. This is also put forward by the way we use head tracking to make the AI appear more believable when they react to something and look at the player.”

This comes with the addition of multiple surface types which will promote louder footsteps and ambient noise that can alert nearby enemies, and will require consideration over elements such as movement speed and routes. Though we can anticipate these changes will give the player the freedom to manipulate and confuse the opposition at will.

It seems Eidos Montreal are rebooting the Thief franchise with a firm kick in the right direction, but will it be enough to steal a position on the charts when it releases on all major platforms come February 28?

We can only tell you to grab a copy and see for yourself.

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