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Since the rumours began circulating hinting at a “cheaper” iPhone the Apple fanboy that I thought I had buried deep inside of me started thumping on the coffin. The reason I fell out of love with Apple was due to the blatant disregard for their older handsets, sure they kept them updated for as long as possible but these updates made the older handsets sluggish and impossible to use.

The day my iPhone 3G fell face first on the most uneven driveway I’ve ever seen was a brilliant day for me, it gave me the chance to try something new this is when I went over to Android and remained there ever since but there’s always been an Apple shaped void, be it a small one, it’s always been there. Now Apple have announced the iPhone 5C is it the handset I’ve been looking for?

The iPhone 5C is practically the iPhone 5 but with a new, colourful, polycarbonate shell. It has an improved front-facing camera, a tweaked battery, and improved LTE/4G capabilities but ultimately it’s the same as Apple’s last flagship device. Apple have now discontinued the iPhone 5 in favour of the 5C so first I’m a little dubious about the longevity and lasting support for the new handset.

Now, I’ll interrupt my trail of thought here to let you know that right now I’m a full-on Android and Google fanboy. I’m the proud owner of a Nexus 4, writing this article on my Chromebook, so I’m going to try and look at the reasons why I’d replace my beloved Nexus 4 in favour of the iPhone 5C. This is essentially an opinion piece from a scorned ex Apple fan.

iphone 5C 2Value

I don’t value the Apple brand any more, not like I used to anyway. I think that it’s very over priced for technology that you’re essentially tied to. In order to get a better or different experience is to purchase the next iPhone, unlike with Android you can have the same account but there’s hundreds of different handsets all offering something unique. This is a whirlpool I don’t want to get into. That being said the iPhone 5C looks to be something of a new experiment from Apple. Essentially it’s a cheaper Apple handset but it’s not cheap. Currently Apple have them listed at £469.00 for the 16GB version and £549 for the 32GB version.

I’m not sure whether Apple’s iPhone 5C is going to be an experiment I want to spend this amount of money on right now and compared to the price of the Nexus 4 (currently at £159 for the 8GB version) I think I’ll wait for the Nexus 5.


I’ve always hated Apple’s “support” for their older devices, like I mentioned previously my old 3G completely sucked as soon as iOS 4 came out. It became slow and frustrating to use. This hasn’t improved, I recently saw an iPhone 3GS in the wild that had the latest version of iOS that the handset supported and it was clunky, slow, and frustrating to use.

You could say that things may have improved since the iPhone 4 and 4S but I doubt it, I mean, look at how quickly they threw out the iPhone 5 in favour of the 5S. I’d have expected the 4S to get linched, not the 5.

If we also take a look at the iPhone 5S. It’s got Apple’s new A7 chip in it, which has 64-bit architecture. This is going to be the norm for Apple from now on. In a years time when Apple undoubtedly unveil the iPhone 6 it’ll also be 64-bit. So how long will it be before Apple decides to scrap creating a 32-bit compatible OS?

Again, Android are still the clear winner for me because of Google’s outstanding support for their Nexus devices. Sure, other manufacturers take a long time to get the latest version of Android out but my wife’s Galaxy S II has just received the latest Jelly Bean update.

iPhone 5CblueApps

This is really the only reason why I’d go for the iPhone 5C, or any iPhone for that matter. It’s apps. One thing that I’ve always been miffed about is the way iOS is a preferred platform over Android. Android eventually get the game or app but usually after the hype has died down or the app itself has been forgotten by iOS users.


The iPhone 5C seems to me is just a way for Apple to whack a new lick of paint onto the iPhone 5C and call it something new. It gives them the option to sell it at a more premium price than what the iPhone 5 is actually worth because it’s new. It’s different. It’s unique. It’s so Apple.

I hoped for the best when Apple announced the iPhone 5C, I was hoping for something that removed the feeling of being in an elite club and was something a little more affordable than Apple’s more premium offerings. Sadly as a once proud Apple fanboy, I’ll happily add another truck full of dirt on top of that grave.

Feel free to share your opinions on the iPhone 5C in the comment’s below!

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