Top 5 Reasons We Love Eurogamer Expo

Here at n3 towers we are getting ready to head to the beautiful city that is London to spend the weekend with thousands of people that, just like us, are in long term relationships with their consoles.

We’ll of course be providing you with everything that we hear, see and feel, well not everything because that might be a little awkward and sometimes the internet inside Earls Court is a little slow. If you’re not one of the 70,000 at Earls Court realising that no, this isn’t a queue for a game it’s just the general walking pace for getting around the venue, then we’ll be keeping you updated via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and of course right here!

Here are the top 5 things that make me do smiles with my mouth at Eurogamer:

1. Everything is so shiny and new, it’s like a journey into the future if the future was a month away, which I guess is accurate because a month from now actually is the future but it’s not the future-future flying cars y’know, anyway, look, shiny!

2. Being surrounded by people that share a common interest but in a very large dark noisy space, it’s kind of like a nightclub but for the geeky sorts, a dream right!

3. Free shit, whether you’re press or not there are plenty of amazing freebies that developers and PR’s want to throw at you especially if you’re genuinely interested in their game. Don’t be that dick that goes begging at every booth, if that’s all you’re going for please give your ticket to a friend.

4. Xbox One and PS4 , nothing else needs to be said.

5. Cosplay, those of us that are too shy to get on the tube dressed as Luigi get to enjoy the brave among us that put a lot of freaking effort into some amazing costumes. There’s a dedicated Cosplay stage this year with prizes being awarded to the best costumes, I like to play the ‘guess how many Lara Crofts you’ll see today’ game, the prize is of course a packet of crisps.

We’ll be sporting team n3 tees this year so if you spot us milling around this weekend say hi, or don’t, you’re a grown up and can make your own decisions.

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