Well it’s been a fairly tedious wait since we last heard word from Square Enix concerning the development of the now confirmed free-to-play PC exclusive – and Legacy of Kain spinoff – ‘Nosgoth’ by Psyonix Games, which comes as a surprise with the sudden release of a captivating visual trailer, shown above.

It wasn’t more than three months ago when rumours began to climax surrounding the concept of a fresh Legacy of Kain project in the works, raising eyebrows for nearly a decade since the cancellation of the sixth instalment back in 2004; and so Square Enix London community manager, George Kelion, confirmed the existence of the Nosgoth project.

The game is set within the Legacy of Kain universe, and though it does not possess a solo narrative or storyline, we can at least anticipate the classic aesthetics and artistic demonstrations the original series prided itself upon.

The product itself will be heavily influenced by the second addition to the series, Soul Reaver, and will be played from a third-person perspective.

As shown in the trailer, one of the many showcased key features included are the character races, pitting vampires and humans against one another in a bloodthirsty, brutal conflict of annihilation. Both of which have their own unique abilities and traits, allowing humans to use a large arsenal of ranged weapons and traps, including explosives, whereas vampires have the advantage of having supernatural strengths at their disposal, though the handicap of being restricted to only melee combat.

Perks, items and abilities are also confirmed to make an appearance in the title through customisation, so players have the freedom of constructing their own strategies with one another.

For more information regarding gameplay, the open beta program and more, check out the official site and keep a look out for more updates soon!

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