Since it’s launch in 2011, Turntable.fm has become a place for people passionate about music to get together and share their love for music. Sadly it closed it’s doors to everyone but users from the United States due to licencing. This however hasn’t stopped the service going strong, but the costs of running such a site is becoming troublesome.

In the past users have been able to step up to the decks and either search for a song or upload their favourite songs into a playlist for others to listen to. According to a recent blog post, this feature has caused more harm than good.

“We started turning on ways for the community to help support us (GOLD) and methods to offset some streaming costs for non-gold members (ads).  Thank you to everyone who has joined in. It means a ton to us.

“All of this is in the hope to try and neutralize the cost of running Turntable so that we can keep it running.  The change we made yesterday, removing the ability to upload music directly, will reduce our monthly bill by roughly $20,000.  That’s a huge saving that we need and we thought validated adding an extra step to uploading (upload it on SoundCloud and search for it on Turntable).  It was a choice we had to make to keep the service running.”

The future of Turntable.fm is a worrying one, with the popular option of uploading and sharing your favourite music now gone, will this have an affect on it’s users?

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