Have you ever wanted to be able to share your digital copies of games with your friends and family? Well now you can! Valve have announced a brand new Family Sharing plan which will allow users to grant access to their Steam account for up to 10 devices, this plan is expected to head into beta next week.

With this new Family Sharing feature users will be able to allow others to download and play games found in their Steam library whilst the account holder is not logged in. As soon as the account holder returns the user “borrowing” the game will be given a five minute warning to save or end their game as well as the option to purchase the title before it’s automatically ended.

Most content including DLC is available to those “borrowing” your games but new content cannot be purchased by them. Misconduct by users borrowing games from your library won’t be held accountable, it’ll be you the account holder who will get banned if little cousin Jimmy decides to cheat or hack games.

If you’re interested in jumping on the beta you’ll have to join the Family Sharing group in order to be considered though the beta is only limited to around 1,000 or so users.

Some sort of feature like this is long time coming to Steam and it seems everyone is losing their shit over the thought of sharing their digital library with friends, but this is what Microsoft wanted to do with the Xbox One and everyone had a shit fit over the ‘always on’ connection, something that will be required in order to make use of the Friend Sharing plan.

I’m pretty excited for this feature nonetheless. How about you? Leave a comment below!

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