Valve Announce and Roll Out Steam Trading Offers Feature.

Now, before you wet yourself with excitement at the possibility of trading and swapping games with each other – I’ll admit that I did – this feature only applies to the trading cards that Steam introduced a few months ago. Yesterday Valve announced a new Trading Offers feature which allows you to put up for offer anything in your Inventory.

It’s a fairly simple feature which Valve have introduced which essentially allows you to put up for offer cards you’re willing to trade to any of your friends who may have cards you want. It’s a predominantly offline based feature which can be sorted out whenever you see fit, unlike regular Steam Trading.

You can create an offer from a few places: from the Trade Offers page in your Inventory, from a friend’s Inventory, and from any of your badge pages you can send a friend a trade offer based on the trading cards you still need collect.

If you’ve got a keen eye for a card your buddy has, you can create an offer selecting cards you don’t want, for the one you do. Your friend then has two weeks to either accept, decline, or make a counter offer before the offer itself expires.

[Source: Steam]

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