The Gum Rock Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

This wireless Bluetooth speaker, dubbed The Gum Rock, is a fantastic little speaker/hands-free kit which doesn’t require any wires in order to use it. It’s got a built in battery, it’s remotely waterproof, and has a suction cup on the bottom so you can whack it in your shower and have a sing-along. What’s more it connects with any Bluetooth compatible device such as smartphones, tablets, and even laptops.

The Gum Rock is a fairly small-ish speaker – about the same size as a Clementine – which is encased in a gummy outer shell. It comes in a variety different colours such as Black, Blue, Orange and Yellow and has a suction cup on the bottom so you can stick it to almost anything. It also doubles up as a hands-free kit too!

On one side the speaker has three buttons, a plus, minus, and a play-type button. For music these pause and change the track of the song, the play button can be used to answer and reject calls too.

For music The Gum Rock packs a punch, it’s got an impressive amount of bass and treble thanks premium tuned drivers provide superb sound reproduction, it doesn’t sound too tinny and music sounds great through it, even at high volumes. Connecting the device to your device is as simple as turning the speaker on, waiting for the chime, and using your device select the speaker connect to it and you’re ready to go – it also has an operating range of 10 meters.

In terms of hands free it could work well but the voice quality which the device sends to the caller isn’t ideal and fairly muffled. The suction cup isn’t the best one I’ve seen either as I’ve had it fall down from various different surfaces a number of times so I wouldn’t recommend sticking it to somewhere too high where the speaker will fall and get damaged.

I also mentioned that the device was relatively waterproof – in some sense of the word it is, unless water gets directly into the speaker grille or some how ends up getting underneath the gummy outer shell. I’d recommend perhaps putting it somewhere where water won’t get into it, but if you do it’s probably worth keeping an eye on it.

Overall The Gum Rock is a great speaker if that’s all you were going to use it for. You can stick it on the back of you device and use it as a make-shift stand. The built in battery charges with a micro-usb cable (included) and lasts up to six hours. There is an LED indicator located underneath but due to this particular speaker being black, it doesn’t shine through the gummy silicone as much as it would with a lighter colour. Again, not an issue, just a feature which should be spoken about I think.

If you’re looking to pick up The Gum Rock Wireless Speaker head to Mobile Fun. It’s available in various colours for only £19.99. I’d definitely recommend it. If not, check out their range of speakers for other mobile devices.

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JJ Matt.

Well thank you for your review. I too found the speakerphone lacking and the suction cup wanting with this product. I will stick with my Mighty Dwarf BlueII Bluetooth vibration speaker for now.