Xbox Live

Xbox Live

Microsoft have announced that they have revamped and remodelled their reward system to offer gamers reward credits for purchases made on Xbox, which can be turned into cash and placed into a Microsoft account.

Placing the cash into a Microsoft account means that users can then spend the reward points across a variety of Microsoft products, such as the Windows Phone app store, rather than on just Xbox.

This comes after an overhaul of the pricing system on Xbox, as Microsoft scrapped their Microsoft Points system that had been in place for many years, replacing the system with real cash and currency.

Of course this also follows the Games for Gold initiative, which rewards those who sign up to the premium service by offering two free games for download each month.

The Rewards Credits will be paid for the following purchases:
Renewing an Xbox Live Gold membership – 3,000 Reward Credits.
Making a first Xbox Store purchase – 1,250 Reward Credits.
Referring a friend – 1,000 Reward Credits.
Completing monthly surveys – 250 Reward Credits.

Other aspects such as building up a Gamerscore can also build up Reward Credits on a gamers account. When a user reaches 5,000 credits, which will be equivalent to $5, it will be converted into the local currency. After conversion the cash will be available in the Microsoft Account on the 15th or 30th of each month.

The new Xbox Live Rewards system is online now and users can sign up by heading over to

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Yuan Taizong

They should fuse Xbox LIVE Rewards with Bing Rewards, and reward people for using Windows and Windows Phone.