Xbox One Dashboard Shown in New Video.

Earlier this evening a video was uploaded by YouTube user, Jackson Carter, that shows us a more in-depth look at the Xbox One controller, console, and dashboard – shaky cam and all.

If you can see past the shaky camera and glare from the constant use of the LED Flash, the video above gives us a closer look at the controller, a quick look at the console, and an in depth look at the dashboard. Much like the Xbox 360, the Xbox One dashboard makes use of the Metro-style live tiles, but finally Microsoft has decided to put the game that’s in the console at the forefront of the dashboard and not in a small tile in the top left.

The video also shows how both games and videos can continue to play whilst you explore the dashboard meaning that going back to the dashboard will no longer end the session in progress. The video also gives us a quick look at the “Live TV” tab which will enable us to watch live TV through the Xbox One via our cable boxes.

Carter explains in the video that there are some bugs but Microsoft have around two months until the November 22 release date to zap those out.

So what do you think of the new dashboard? Leave a comment below!

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Looks like the PlayStation Store sort of.


Doesn’t the beta Terms and Conditions prohibit these types of videos?

Aaron Richardson

More than likely. The videographer probably agreed to an NDA too.