This week Yahoo! unveiled their new logo after a 30 day community vote. Each day for 30 days a new design was uploaded and we were given the ability to vote for the one we liked the most. As this was happening the 99designs’ community decided to have their own little contest to create an entirely new logo themselves with many of the designs being a little more compelling and innovative than the “new” logo.

With over 5,000 entries, 99designs crowned the above logo as the overall winner with a handful of runners up and I have to say many of them were a lot more compelling and innovative compared to the one we all crowned the winner. Of course, Yahoo’s redesign was based on 30 already created and chosen designs and not a community of thousands of qualified designers, but perhaps that’s what Yahoo! needed to create something new and fresh.

To me Yahoo’s new logo looks exactly the same as the old one, from what I can recall, except with a smidgen of embossing here and there. I much prefer the logo above by GREYdesigns.

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Kieran Harrod
Kieran Harrod

The 99 designs winner has a clever gimmick hiding the !

But this does not a good logo make. Its actually tricky to read, especially to a new viewer. Its bereft of energy or charm of the now defunct logo and lacks the matured feel of the new one. The visual trick of the exclamation mark forces the type to be very bland. I feel it wouldn’t make it past the ideas stage in reality.

Aaron Richardson

Yeah, I get what you mean, It’s presuming people already know of Yahoo! and not taking into account that a completely new internet user would read that as Yaloo maybe?

Personally I really liked the logo in the video that had the fish with a huge whale flipper. That would have my vote.