On Tuesday the YouTube Team announced on the YouTube Creator Blog that we’ll soon be able to keep videos temporarily so we can watch videos whenever we’re unfortunate enough to not have an internet connection.

Stuck in an elevator or out in the desert cooking meth? Well now you won’t need to sit twiddling your thumbs, you’ll be able to watch videos on YouTube without the need for an internet connection. Providing you’ve saved them beforehand.

“This upcoming feature will allow people to add videos to their device to watch for a short period when an Internet connection is unavailable. So your fans’ ability to enjoy your videos no longer has to be interrupted by something as commonplace as a morning commute.”

This particular feature will come part of an update in November to both Android and iOS apps according to the blog. There are no details as to what “a short period” will mean, whether it’s hours, days, or weeks.

[Source: YouTube Creator Blog]

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