GTA 5 Kicks FIFA 14 off the Top Spot whilst Pokémon X/Y Come in Behind.

The UK gaming charts have taken an interesting turn this week. Last week we saw the release of Beyond: Two Souls and a few days later over the weekend we saw the release of Pokémon X and Y, both of which are blockbuster titles which, instead of kicking FIFA 14 or Grand Theft Auto V down a spot or two, we saw Grand Theft Auto 5 enter first place.

Pokémon X and Y both entered third and fourth respectively and both games sales figures were around double that of last year’s DS sequels Black and White 2. Beyond: Two Souls entered the charts in fifth place but Sony are yet to reveal any sales figures just yet.

So it looks like Grand Theft Auto V is in the top spot but given Pokémon X and Y only launched on Saturday means that there’s still the opportunity for either title to creep up higher.