GTA V’s iFruit App Paws Its Way Onto Android!

It’s finally here! I can now train Chop to stop having a dump next to my swimming pool and have him do something a bit more useful, like treasure hunting. If only I owned a smartphone…

In a possibly ironic release, Rockstar have finally managed to get the Android version of iFruit on the go. I imagine for gamers without iOS , it’s been as bad as an Apple fan waiting three months for the next iPhone 53gt, rainbow-coloured appstation plus or whatever they call them these days, so they can blow another £500 on an extra .2Mhz of processor power and a fraction of a megapixel upgrade to their already overpowered selfie-snapping cameras.

Hate of new technology aside, iFruit is the same, fully featured app that was released on iOS at least eight yea… I mean, a couple of months ago. You can train Chop, Franklin’s trusty Rottweiler to become more intelligent and resist chewing off the postman’s leg. He’ll start sniffing out more secrets as his skill progresses and becomes an altogether more useful companion, learning tricks along the way. Good boy!

The Los Santos Customs feature is also in there, allowing you to paint your car an obscene shade of purple, mount a spoiler the size of a park bench on the back and proceed to create rude licence plates to shock the online community as you drive past rival gangs, pumping them so full of lead, alchemists would use them for experiments.

You can check out sites like LifeInvader, the facebook parody and log in to the Rockstar Social Club to keep track of your crew, scores and all sorts of other content.

iFruit is absolutely free on the Play Store with no cost to your soul that comes with buying other products with ‘i’ before them.

Disclaimer: The author is of an age that does not depend on ‘technology’ (unless it’s a gaming machine) and owns a pink Samsung phone from 2005. It even has a strange thing humans once called a ‘keypad’. With no use for new fangled, handheld gadgets, his opinion is entirely his own, as is his sense of humour.