Deal of the Day | Save 50% on Spelunky on Steam

Spelunky is the retro platforming phenomenon that seems to have taken over the gaming world. For months now I’ve heard and read the word “Spelunky” almost everywhere, for some reason I’m yet to check it out. Now however is the perfect excuse!

Happy Halloween everyone! If you missed yesterday’s Deal of the Day I recommend you check it out. Spooky games for everyone! Anyway, today’s Deal of the Day is one I’m sure many of you would also recommend. Spelunky.

Grab Indiana Jones, smush him down into pixel sprite format and throw him into a pixel platform world full of tombs and caves to explore and then you’ve got Spelunky. Okay, well It’s not quite pixely, it’s actually really well designed, but I feel that my description is pretty fitting, no?

Anyway, if you’re a fan of retro-style side scrolling platformers like Bomber Man then you’ll love Spelunky. You can grab it on Steam for as little as £5.99 and I can definitely say it’s worth it. That’s what I’ve heard anyway.