Spotify has now turned five years old, last week mind, but Spotify have recently released some data to celebrate this event. Despite the impressive amount there is just one thing that slightly ruins that hard work. It turns out that 20% of all the music on Spotify has never been streamed, once.

But don’t panic or feel sad for them, there is some good news to all of this. About 80% of the songs catalogue has been streamed at least once according to Daniel Ek in his speech at a Spotify event last December who said:

“We’ve learned from past studies that 80% of everything available in digital download stores has never been bought by anyone. For us, the opposite is true— around 80% of our catalogue is streamed. There are very big differences between downloads and streams, and this is one of them.”

To be fair, it is quite strange that despite the 24 million users they haven’t gone over the 80% mark, I was expecting the likes 87%-90% but still %80 is good.

There are many other music service providers that enjoy to brag about their own catalogued songs ever increasing but they’re statistics have proven so low (and with iTunes being a poor service provider, just saying) as having a large collection of songs that even I wouldn’t listen to is just pointless.

On the other hand Pandora arguably defends its 1 million song category by saying the quality of the songs is better than the quantity. Now that might be true but it is a bit harsh to go about saying you only choose “The best” whereas the users of Spotify have listened to many no named singers hidden in the bowels of its listings and gave them a try. Just goes to show that Spotify does its service well.

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