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In light of the latest news that certain launch titles for the PlayStation 4 will be delayed some players who had pre-ordered bundles containing said titles were left scratching their heads, wondering what exactly they’ll be getting with their pre-order. In most cases their pre-orders will be honoured, but if you’ve pre-ordered a bundle from Target, well, no pre-order for you.

When Ubisoft announced that it’ll be delaying their anticipated open world shooter Watch Dogs and next-gen driving experience The Crew, and later Sony announce the delay of their next-gen driving game Driveclub, those that had pre-ordered the Watch Dogs and Driveclub PlayStation 4 bundle were left wondering whether they’ll be getting a PlayStation 4 at all. Luckily Amazon, GameStop, and GAME have announced that they’ll be honouring the pre-orders and will be receiving a console no matter what or have offered alternative options.

If you’ve pre-ordered your bundle from Target however, you’re in for some bad news. It seems that instead of offering an alternative or just shipping the console by itself they’re just cancelling those pre-orders. This comes from a series of Tweets and reports from Reddit users that have pre-ordered their consoles on who are now receiving emails with the news.

One Reddit user posted the email that he received from Target customer service which read: “We will have video game consoles available for pre-order on Friday, October 25. These will be offered on a first come first, served basis.” so at least there’s a slight possibility of getting the PlayStation 4 from Target.

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