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The Wall Street Journal have reported that an unnamed anonymous source claims that Amazon are “readying” a set-top box in time for the holidays. If this is true it’ll put Amazon amongst the likes of Apple with their Apple TV and Google with the Chromecast.

Rumours of a Kindle TV (as we’re calling it) surfaced earlier this year in April and plans to offer the ability to stream media to your TV. Nothing new there. Set to be revealed soon, according to sources, Amazon’s set-top box will most likely have their LoveFILM Instant service at the forefront of the device which would add a little more competition for Netflix.

According to the sources speaking to WSJ the Kindle TV will also “feature varied apps from other companies for streaming video and music, as well as some games,” so a Netflix app could actually be present.

If Amazon plan to follow trend with their Kindle devices the Kindle TV will probably launch at a pretty low price, but the question is will they manage to beat the low price of $35 that Google are selling their Chromecast dongle at?

At the moment it’s all speculation and the rumours might not be true. Until Amazon confirm these rumours or announce a Kindle TV take them with a pinch of salt.

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