Now we all remember when APB was first announced; the character creation that blew our minds with creativity, the very design of online cops and robbers and then when the game was fully released it was a major disappointment to most of us. Well to me anyway. But to those that kept the faith and the company that still kept its heart beating there is some good news.

For those that don’t remember All Points Bullentin, APB for short, is a Massive Multiplayer that went “Free to Play” due to lack of funding from players. Gameplay is almost equal to that of Grand Theft Auto, or other types of criminal games, where either side are Enforcers or Criminals.

APB: Reloaded is receiving a graphical facelift, says Book-Larsson, as it still runs on the old 2007 unreal engine. Book Larsson claims that the upgrade is a necessity to add improvements and increase performance.

“Due to the vintage of the engine, we keep bumping up against performance limitations, and also severe limitations in our product development speed, because we use many custom systems in the game, it takes a very long time for our team to make material changes to the game, resulting in a lot of features being shelved or delayed.”

“An upgraded engine would let us tackle important things like min-spec system performance, lighting system improvements, net code improvements and new graphic card optimizations and it would likely lead to a faster content creation pipeline by taking advantage of new systems available in the updated engine.”

There will be more information on the engine upgrade this will include a release date and test information in due time. To top it all off Book-Larsson has stated that this upgrade will open up doors for the game on other platforms.

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