For as long as I can remember, we’ve had to rely on liveblogs from Engadget, Tech Crunch, and The Verge to find out exactly what’s happening at Apple’s press events, but it seems that those of you with Apple TV’s are being alerted to a live stream that’ll be showing off the event at around 6pm UK time.

A number of Apple TV users are reporting that the “Apple Events” channel has returned to their little black boxes which has revealed that Apple will be live streaming the event to those who want to watch. It’s unclear whether Apple will be offering the live stream on their website or whether it’s just for Apple TV owners.

Keep an eye over on for any updates regarding today’s announcements. Or boot up your Apple TV and wait eagerly for your Apple Events channel to go live!

[Update] Apple are live-streaming the event on their website, providing you’re running Safari 4 or later, Safari iOS 4.2 or later and second generation or higher Apple TVs.

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