In an announcement at Apple’s launch event today, it has been revealed that the much awaited 10.9 Mavericks will be absolutely free for downl0ad. As previous versions have always had a price tag next to them, this is a nice surprise for Apple fans.

With a slew of tweaks and updates, the operating system will be closer in style to iOS 7 in terms of it’s visual appearance and adding a new layer of integration between the two. Under the hood, the OS will be more efficient, run more smoothly and support apps on a much higher level than 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Some previously exclusive iOS 7 features on Mavericks are iBooks, an app that has been avaliable for some time on handheld devices, can now be accessed on your MacBook. Apple Maps adds the ability to plan a journey through your notebook and transfer the details directly to your iPhone or iPad for ease of use and Shared Links helps you keep up to date with what web pages your friends are posting on social networks. The iCloud Keychain will share login information with your Apple gadgets, storing passwords, credit card details and so forth for ease of access when you switch devices.

In addition to this, an enhanced notification system with inline replies, multiple monitor support and auto-updating, allowing downloads and installs for apps when not using your MacBook… There’s a tireless list of new features. For more information, check out our previous story here.

The update is avaliable free to anyone running OS X 10.6 Snow Leapord upwards.

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