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The Avengers are set to get the Pokemon treatment as the Japanese anime product company Toei (and a little help from Disney) have announced the first anime involving the Marvel superhero team, The Avengers.

Disk Wars: The Avengers will see a team roster differing from the film and will consist of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Wasp (the shape changing superhero) and Spider-man.

The story follows the team getting trapped in ‘disks’ a portable capture device to capture villains but thanks to the interference of Loki, he captures the team and spreads the discs across the world. Five kids come to the rescue by obtaining powers called ‘Bio Code’ to free the heroes with aid of Spider-man.

The show will premier next spring in 2014 and as aimed at a younger audience, this show also marks the continuing project of Marvel adapting it’s properties in anime which began back in 2010 with Iron Man and leading into Wolverine, X-Men and Blade. This seems to be the first time however they have aimed an anime at a younger audience.

Judging from the initial image it would appear to be the first time the design of a hero has been changed as Captain America seems to be wearing heavy armour.

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