What’s it all about then?

A lot of people were wondering just what Angy Birds Go! would entail after a few years of catapult/destruction gaming. Luckily, it’s not centred around Thunderbirds or the 1999 movie about drug dealing… It’s a karting game! The obvious reference would be towards Mario Kart, though I’d say it looks a lot more like Crash Team Racing in aesthetic style and it seems that the tracks are downhill dashes for maximum speed. Mix this with a wide selection of characters, the ability to upgrade your vehicle and the chance to use power-ups to gain an advantage on the tarmac and you have a winning combination for a frantic racing experience.

Rovio have injected the humour, the colourful world and more than likely, the addictive nature of the Angry Birds brand into the racing genre. The trailer reveals some nice little touches that will satisfy fans of the series, young and old. From Red to King Pig, Go! has catered for favourites, each having their own driving style and car which can be customised through a garage menu, hopefully with some over-the-top mods and parts. Players are launched at the starting post from catapults with a nod to the original theme. The only thing I’ve not spotted in the trailer is castle destruction derby mode, that would be a definite clincher for any fan.

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Cleverly, you can also use Hasbro’s Telepods and Jenga toys to invoke the chosen characters/karts into your game. In a gaming envronment where Skylanders and Disney Infinity are set to make a fortune in sales from the marriage of gaming and action figures, this is a perfect opportunity for Rovio to get into the mix.

The road to glory

It’s about time that the series branched out and tried other genres, especially as Angry Birds is a franchise that would cover multiple styles with ease. It’s refreshing to see the change in direction from the developers. It’s also a shame that there’s no release for PC or major consoles too, as it would be perfect for some armchair gaming with family and friends. I would hope that we see a port in future like some of the other titles. Saying that, I’m sure everyone with mobile devices will soon be roaring down a wooden highway to hell, mincing competitors in their path to see the feathers fly.

Angry Birds Go! will be released on iOS, Android and all other major mobile platforms on December the 11th, 2013 on corresponding app stores. For now, you can check out the trailer above.

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