In two days, the gaming community will be answering the age old question of, ‘Who are you?’ with a resounding, ‘I’m Batman!’ in a faux, chain-smoker’s gruff drawl.

The launch trailer is finally here for the DC Comics and Warner Bros. Montreal outing of the Caped Crusader’s fight against Black Mask and eight of Gotham’s most deadly assassins. As a young Bruce Wayne dons the iconic suit, the game takes you into the past to relive events that will shape the Dark Knight and his skills, meetings with characters who form the backbone of Bruce’s eternal fight against crime and all set in a brutal, yet beautiful, winter setting of Gotham City.

You can dance with the devil in the pale moonlight on the 25th of October for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate will also be available on Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

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