Battlefield 4

According to an update on Battlefield 4’s Battlelog, DICE plan on releasing the China Rising DLC first exclusively to Battlefield Premium members on December 3rd with everyone else getting the DLC two weeks later on December 17.

Battlefield 4 is available right now in the US and on Friday in the UK. For those that pre-ordered the game will get the China Rising DLC as a bonus and introduces four large-scale Chinese mainland maps in addition to new vehicles and military equipment.

This DLC map pack is one of five coming to Battlefield 4 due to be released by Summer 2014 all of which can be pre-purchased for around £40 as a part of the Battlefield Premium subscription.

For those with Battlefield 4 already in their hands you can download the Multiplayer Update right now on Xbox Live, “This Battlefield 4 update contains improvements to the multiplayer portions of the game,” the official description reads. “We strongly advise you download it.”

Battlefield 4 is available right now in the US with the UK seeing a release on Friday for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will be launching along side the consoles in November.

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