Black Berry Messenger

A few weeks ago we were supposed to see the launch of BlackBerry Messenger on both Android and iOS but sadly it didn’t happen. BlackBerry removed all instances of the app from the iTunes store and released a statement confirming that there’s going to be a further delay on the release for Android and iOS. But there’s good news!

According to CrackBerry they’ve received word that BlackBerry have yet again begun to test their messenger app on Android. This doesn’t say too much or even hint that the actual release is any closer, but it does mean they’re still moving forward with the development of the app.

CrackBerry have heard that the latest build of BlackBerry Messenger “has some changes in place from previous versions aside from the normal bug fixes.” there’s also word of a new welcome screen which explains the app notifications. Overall the app seems to be improving with the option to turn off the once persistent BBM icon, and the user interface has been reworked a little.

Hopefully next time the launch will go without a hitch – fingers crossed!

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