BlackBerry Messenger finally launched on iOS and Android yesterday evening and you can download it right now but you’ll have a wait on your hands before you can actually use it.

In order to tackle the strain which prevented the launch of BBM last month, BlackBerry have put a virtual queue into place where every user who downloads the app will need to put their email address in and wait for an acceptance email. Some have reported a work-around for this, but it may not be successful. I on the other hand, have been waiting for around 12 hours now, still no email.

As frustrated as some users may be, BlackBerry are celebrating. According to a tweet sent out earlier this morning; just eight hours after launch they’ve seen over 5 million downloads of the app on both Android and iOS but that’s not all, this number only applies to those who have had their accounts activated, so those of you, like me who are sitting here looking at the persistent BBM notification icon don’t even count – charming.

So while I sit here bitterly pressing the “I got the email” button hoping that it just works, you enjoy your BBM app if you’ve been accepted.


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