We’ve seen the Borderlands 2 season pass come and go. Now we are into phase 2 of the DLC for this FPSRPG with Gearbox doing a little fiddling with the norm. Rather than offering a £9 lump of 4-6 hours of content with a little replay value, the new Headhunter packs offer a new area and stuff to shoot to bits.

These packs don’t cost the earth at only £2/$3, less than a cheap DVD, while offering a quick pair of quests and an end boss with interesting ramp up. The end boss will start off as a pretty basic but still interesting fight and with each subsequent kill become a raid boss level enemy. Let us delve then, fellow vault hunter, into TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest.

TK being the returning and much loved character, seeing him again brings a little tingle down the spine of Borderlands 1 players then added to the view. Bloody Harvest looks just as good as Assault on Dragon Keep, obviously using the same techniques and colour palette but offering pumpkins everywhere in this horror themed adventure. Dragon Keep’s Skelemens return in the form of risen bandit in most variants along with Spiderants and Skrakks, which you may not remember unless you did Dr Zed’s Monster Parts mission. Rummaging for new monsters though you find a couple. For one there are Pumpkin men. Little fellas that jump out of pumpkins unsurprisingly and throw little energy balls.

The other new monsters come in the form of two fairly well made bosses. The first is a Forgemaster, a mixture between a Spiderant and a person akin in some ways to Quelagg the half spider/half woman creature in Dark Souls. The second is the main boss of the DLC, the Pumpkin King. As you might expect he’s big and has a pumpkin for a head. Another interesting boss fight that I will not spoil besides saying shoot the little guys sat upon him not to mention an impressive, foreboding boss to boot. While I’ve only been able to test the strengthening mechanic for multiple attempts past one due to time constraints, reports from friends of mine say the boss fight gets even more awesome.


The quests are well built and not irritating, besides the last one which has some annoying first person platforming. Remember when first person platforming was fun? Me neither. I say last quest. There are two quests. That’s it. One long main quest where you venture across the whole area and enjoy some interesting fights and environments twinned with a second short after quest which basically takes you through previously played areas picking up stuff. That’s not to detract from this DLC.

It’s a good 45 minutes of content right off the bat for less than the price of a good coffee. You can even have candy! Although… its in game Halloween candy which gives you short term buffs much like the ones granted by the ‘frenemy’ sprites in Assault on Dragon Keep. Throughout you’ll find a few gun crates but generally drop rates are not great, until you get to the final boss who on your first kill won’t give much likely but as he gets tougher his drops become more generous.

The main reason of course of this DLC is to cash in on Halloween but also does give another DLC which looks as good as Assault on Dragon Keep, even if it lacks the vast scale. Worth it especially if you are bringing multiple characters for multiple attempts at multiple difficulties. The experiment is a good one and in my humble opinion works. More headhunter DLCs would be welcomed and if you’re a fan of BL2 I would definitely recommend you pick it up not for a story, but for the replay value and the value of gear from the strengthening last boss.

Also, Pumpkin heads and new body graphics. It’s a great fit with the new Digistruct Peak for which a review may follow if it ever stops killing me.


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