3DS XL Japan

Nintendo of Japan have announced today two new varieties of 3DS XL’s are set to launch in Japan on November 28th. The first 3DS XL’s to not only have fresh colours on the back, but coloured D-Pad and Buttons!

These brand new 3DS XL consoles come in Orange & Black and Turquoise & Black and will be the first 3DS XL consoles to have colourful D-Pad, Buttons, and Sliders. As you may expect there’s no word on a western release for these 3DS consoles. The Orange & Black and Turquoise & Black will be released in Japan on November 28.

Nintendo had also recently announced two new consoles for the UK, a Luigi themed 3DS XL console which comes with Luigi splattered all over the console and a Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL which comes bundled with a physical and digital copy of the game. Both consoles are set to make an appearance in UK stores on November 1 and November 22 respectively.

3DS XL Japan

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