I don’t think I have to worry about spoilers with this one but a couple of months the current Robin sadly bit the dust. Damian Wayne, the son of Batman and Talia Al Ghul (daughter of Ra’s) sadly died battling his demented clone in one final hurrah.

The dust has almost settled from the tragic event as the monthly title Batman and Robin has changed it’s name once again to accommodate for guest stars. These have include Nightwing, Batgirl and Bat family cast away Jason Todd aka the Red Hood.

Living in an age of an ever functioning geek press it slowly became revealed this may not be the end of Damian. It was revealed that at the end of this month Damian would return in a limited mini series alive and kicking, though don’t get to excited because it’s set out of continuity.

The series will follow the path of what Damian’s life could have become if he had the chance to grow up. Of course most people have an idea of where the story may end up going. In the brief tenure of Damian a couple of alternate reality stories focused on the idea of Bruce Wayne or whoever is the current Batman dying, this leaves the cape and cowl free for Damian.

Damian takes up the mantle but decides to add a demonic twist.

Through various stories it’s implied Damian has made some kind of deal with the devil to keep Gotham safe and he may or may not be able to be killed. He also kills and is proud of ‘cheating’. Like putting traps in all of Gothams buildings just in case one day they’re needed.

The Gotham Damian has inherited is dior, falling apart at the seams with many demented cartoon-ish villains on the horizon. Barbara Gordon is police chief with a vendetta against Batman which is unexplained. Damian is alone except for his pet cat Alfred.

So just guess who is kicking about? That’s right the Joker. His new strategy to spread a virus which turns people into manic Joker zombies each of which carries a demented sickly Joker style appearance and is unable to stop laughing.

It’s not clear how any of this plays out. Though in a pre-52 (prior to the New-52 reboot) a story implied Damian made it to old age and trained and mentored Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond) as the next Batman.

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