I did it! I battled yet another lengthy queue to play Call of Duty Ghosts  at Eurogamer Expo 2013. This year though, the queue was only 30 minutes long and not two hours like last year for Black Ops 2. Why was it so short? Was it because it wasn’t as good as Black Ops 2? Did your beard part the queue and you and were able to make your way to the front on a majestic horse? The simple answer is, Press Passes. The simple thing is we just managed to beat the crowd.

I had so much fun with Black Ops 2 at last years expo, and expected a repeat performance this year. And then when I found out that Call of Duty Ghosts was going to be played on the Xbox One I was even more excited! Wouldn’t you be? Once we got into the play area we had to wait for the previous players to finish their game, but whilst this was going on there were three TV screens playing some Call of Duty Ghosts gameplay. And by the looks of it we can expect some pretty awesome and varied missions. The video that caught my eye the most was what can only be described as a space station mission. It looked very good and it’s something we haven’t done yet in Call of Duty. I took my eyes away from the screen for two seconds and the the space station had exploded. Anarchy ensued.


Once we were ready to go and play we were ushered to seats. Myself and my brother were sat between three guys who were already sitting down, two on his side and one on mine. Odd. The game started and I expected a little time to Create-a-Class, like last year but the chance to do that was probably 3 seconds and I’m just not that quick. The game loaded up and it appeared to be a covered market type building, leading to open areas outside. I chose a generic assault rifle and the game started. Once we were given the go our other team mates were off like a shot, like they knew where they were going (more on that later). My fist encounter with an enemy was with a female soldier so it was good to come across that so early on, as I was wondering if female characters would be a popular choice. She shot me, I died.

Once a couple of deaths were out of the way, I was starting to get used to the game again. I had managed a couple of kills and started to get used to how the game handles on the Xbox One, the movement of the character is fluid and it feels a lot less like a game in comparison to previous titles. Graphically, it’s superb too, I was especially impressed with the explosions. Not so much when I was caught in one.

As the game continued, there was a timer counting down something. I was a bit immersed in the game to actually find out what it was, but I assumed it was for the end of the match. Once it reached zero the screen went red and everything slowed down, so I then guessed it was a nuke and someone on the other team had been doing very well. The red screen subsided and I was still standing. I honestly do not know what it was, and I think I’ll have to wait till release to find out.

Yes, that is my face. Enjoy.
Yes, that is my face. Enjoy.

After all that commotion, the game began to count down to the end of the match. Once ended I finished 5th out of six with my brother placing one higher than me. We waited for the next game to start and that’s when it happened. We were told that it was one game and that the guys next to us would be staying as they were ‘YouTubers’. Now this wouldn’t have bothered me as much if they had put all of them together in one game, there was enough. I counted. That way, people who maybe were just playing it for the first time would have maybe had a better experience as they didn’t have to go against guys who had been sitting there till 10:00am learning each map. Whatever, I personally think it could of been set out a little different to make it a bit more enjoyable for everyone. I also don’t think one match is justifiable for queuing for 30 minutes, especially when people were queuing for up to three hours the days previous!

Overall though, Call of Duty Ghosts was enjoyable and like I said it looked and played great on the Xbox One. I didn’t have as much fun as Black Ops 2 and won’t personally be getting it on day of release, I’ll leave Santa Clause to deliver that this year I think.

If you attended Eurogamer Expo 2013 and managed to play Call of Duty Ghosts, let me know in the comments below what you thought and your experience with it.

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